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Our Team

Over 150 Years Of
Combined Music

Our talented team of professionals are here to help you thrive in this highly challenging industry.

Our team of professionals are friendly, knowledgeable and above all else really do care about every project they work on.

Meet the Team

Paul Visser


Dave Ferguson


Joe Barboza


John Hutchins

Producer / Engineer

Dobs Vasilev

Producer / Engineer

Gareth Ashfield

Content Producer

Kev Yates

Producer / Engineer

Joey O'Gorman

Producer / Engineer

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Paul Visser

Paul’s many years of experience as a producer, songwriter and engineer make him an invaluable asset to our clients. Having worked with an array of major label artists as well as hundreds of independent singers, songwriters and bands, Paul’s ability to bring out the absolute best in people means he’s in constant demand.

Paul also composes for major TV shows as well as performing as vocalist and guitarist in his band Black Orchid Empire.

Comfortable working across an array of genres, Paul has a never-ending passion for all aspects of record making, and can help you achieve the absolute best from your music – from the very first ideas to the incredible final master.

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Dave Ferguson

Dave brings decades of experience to The Recording Studio London, having managed touring logistics for the MTV Europe Music Awards and for major acts including ColdplayMadonna and AC/DC.

As an outstanding bassist and song-writer, Dave has toured alongside bands such as Biffy ClyroSkunk Anansie and Feeder, as well as performances at Download FestivalBrixton Academy and Taubertal Festival.

His varied musical history also includes TV appearances and playing in major musicals Les MiserablesChess and 42nd Street.

Artists who are serious about a career in the music industry should contact Dave for an Artist Development Consultation.

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Joe Barboza III

A supremely accomplished producer and world-class drummer, Joe has an enviable wealth of experience and knowledge. 

Having worked as a producer with long time collaborator Narada Michael Walden (Whitney HoustonMariah Carey and Sting), Joe knows exactly what it takes to inspire a fantastic studio performance. 

As a drummer for Queen Adreena, Joe has toured alongside many bands including Foo FightersDeftones and Marilyn Manson.

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John Hutchins

John is an accomplished composer, guitarist and a passionate Music Technology graduate holding a first class degree.  

Whether it is recording for a live band, writing music for TV shows such as Masterchef, or mixing records for Esprit D’Air, John’s intense creative flair helps create inspiring music for all of his clients.

Having assisted on two charting albums, produced and mixed dozens of songs with millions of streams, John is guaranteed to bring an abundance of talent and a keen ear to any project.

John’s tireless work ethic and attention to detail are second to none.

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Dobs Vasilev

Dobromir (Dobs) is a multi-talented musician, composer, engineer and producer.

With an incredible ear for detail, Dobs knows how to bring out the best in your music – whatever the genre.

As a keen videographer with a creative eye for visuals, Dobs can create stunning content for artists social media channels, as well as full ‘live in the studio’ style videos.

Whether it’s a live band recording, vocal production or creating a killer hip-hop beat, you can be assured of a top-quality finished master recording when working with Dobs.

Gareth Ashfield

Gareth brings a wealth of marketing experience to his role of Content Producer, which is evident in the quality of design work he produces.

He began an extensive career with the luxury publishing powerhouse, Condé Nast Britain in the marketing team where he lead both print and digital design.

Under Gareth’s design leadership, the marketing team collectively accumulated 11 industry awards, including: launch of the year for both Glamour and Wired magazines, as well as numerous performance and initiative related accolades.

He gained valuable experience as the UI/UX Designer at B2B online transport & delivery marketplaces AnyVan.com and AnyVanBusiness.com where he helped AnyVan gain over 3,5m users, across 6 territories including the UK, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Italy and France.

Gareth was the Digital Marketing Manager for Cashero, a worldwide digital banking startup, where he lead brand development into new vertical markets as well as managing the social media presence and website redesign.

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Kev Yates

Kev is an integral part of The Recording Studio London’s team.

Having studied at the legendary Point Blank Music School, Kev’s solid training on all elements of recording and production ensures that artists (including Penelope Darling, 26th Avenue and Night Thieves) are provided with world class master recordings.

Kev is not only a fantastic engineer and producer, but also an accomplished bassist, guitarist and songwriter who has toured extensively in the UK and the USA with his band Forever Never.

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Joey O'Gorman

As a recent graduate of BA Creative Music Production in IADT Dublin, receiving a First Class Honours degree, Joey has a unique, creative style with beat production, string arrangements.

Joey is a dedicated and hard working engineer that cares about every project he produces, making him an incredibly valuable asset to any client working with him.