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Digital Media


Our creative team produce music videos, live in the studio videos, lyric visualisers, and animated videos.

Our creative team will provide you with a video you can be truly proud of. We produce ‘Live in the Studio’ Videos, Lyric Visualisers, Animated & Music Videos.

Music Videos

A jaw-dropping music video has the potential to become a viral hit or cult classic.

From a simple idea to a complex story, our creative team love working on new and interesting projects.

Get in touch today to find out what they can do for you!

A person with wavy, shoulder-length blonde hair is shown from the shoulders up. The background features out-of-focus, colorful lights in shades of pink and blue. The individual wears a metallic, reflective jacket and looks directly at the camera with a neutral expression.

Live in the Studio Videos

Our production team will set up our live environment with high-end audio and video equipment, providing you with a finished video that really showcases your talents.

Whether you’re a solo vocalist, acoustic duo or a 4-piece band, our live in the studio videos are the perfect way to reward your fans with a live performance of your latest single.

Lyric Videos

Lyric visualisers are a stunning way to showcase a new song, without the expense of larger production music videos.

Our animators will convert your lyrics into visually dynamic graphics and bring them to life on screen.

A neon light sculpture in the shape of lips is mounted on a chevron-patterned wall. The wall features a gradient of dark pink and teal colors. The neon light is white and is the focal point of the image.

Animated Videos

For artists with a larger video budget who want a truly unique music video, we can produce an animated video in almost any style.

A digital rendering of a small, green chameleon standing upright and holding an electric guitar. The background is softly lit with a warm, golden glow, creating a cozy atmosphere. The chameleon has large eyes and a slightly textured, spiky head.

Our Spaces

Customer Reviews

A profile view of a man with short dark hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He is wearing glasses and a red jacket with a yellow collar. The background is white with a few green leaves visible on the side.

June 2024

By far the most enjoyable recording experience I’ve ever had. The equipment is top-tier, location is great and the producers and engineers are the best I’ve ever worked with. Will be using the studio many many more times.

the-recording-studio-london A person wearing a grey sweatshirt and a red cap smiles while standing in front of a microphone in a recording studio. They have headphones on and appear to be in the middle of a recording session.

Danielle Turner
June 2024

I have such an amazing time when coming here! Always leave feeling accomplished and productive, especially with the hospitality of the staff there.  Always welcoming and positive, would highly recommend!  10/10 from me boys.

A person with long, dark hair is shown in a circular frame. They are wearing a red garment and standing outdoors, surrounded by autumn foliage. The individual gazes to the side with a slight smile.

Medha Krishna
April 2024

The Recording Studio London is a great place to write and record music. The engineers are wonderful to work with and really knowledge about recording and producing music. Highly recommended!

A black and white photo of a young person wearing glasses, a tie, a collared shirt, and a sleeveless sweater. The background features plants and part of a building.

George Baker
January 2024

Dave and his team at the Recording Studio London have been my first choice for some while now. Sincere thanks to all at the studio for great service and true professionalism. Special mention goes to John Hutchins producer /engineer for his patience and hard work working on my most recent projects.

A man wearing a black cap and headphones is singing into a microphone in what appears to be a recording studio in London. He is dressed in a black shirt and looking to the side, concentrating on his performance.

Ryan Soul
November 2023

I have been going to this studio for years now and highly recommend them. I always end up with a quality product and the sound engineers and customer service is on point!

A person with long braided hair is sitting and looking to the side. They are wearing a blue and white varsity jacket, a white shirt, and gray pants. The background features abstract patches of orange, pink, and purple colors.

Jalisa Denice
November 2023

I can only say great things about The Recording Studio London. The team are fantastic, helpful, innovative and truly brilliant at there craft, The music they produce is of a different caliber. It has been my utmost pleasure to work with them and i will continue to do so. They are💫💫💫💫💫Many, Many Thanks.


What types of videos do you produce?

Primarily we produce live-in-the-studio style videos, however, we also shoot interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and of course music videos.

How much does a video cost?

The cost of a video is dependent on your requirements. For example, added extras like location fees, hair/makeup, actors/crew etc all add to the cost of any production. For live-in-the-studio videos, however, these are set prices. Get in touch for more info.

Can you upload my video to YouTube?

Unfortunately not, however it’s a very simple process that we are more than happy to walk you through.

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