Our creative team will provide you with a video you can be truly proud of. We produce ‘live in the studio’ videos, lyric visualisers, animated & music videos.


Our production team will set up our live environment with high-end audio and video equipment, providing you with a finished video that really showcases your talents.

Whether you’re a solo vocalist, acoustic duo or a 4-piece band, our live in the studio videos can showcase your talents.

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Lyric visualisers are a stunning way to showcase a new song, without the expense of larger production music videos.

Our animators will convert your lyrics into visually dynamic graphics and bring them to life on screen.

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Itrazaa – ‘1, Again’


A jaw-dropping music video has the potential to become a viral hit or cult classic.  

From a simple idea to a complex story, our creative team love working on new an interesting projects.

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Black Orchid Empire – ‘Evergreen’


For artists with a larger video budget who want a truly unique music video, we can produce an animated video in almost any style.

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Black Orchid Empire – ‘This City’


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