Artist Development Programme

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Terms & Conditions – Artist Development Programme

The current round of submissions for The Recording Studio London’s (“TRS”) Artist Development Programme (“ADP”) is open from 9am on 12th May 2021 until 5pm on 31st May 2021 and is limited to those Artists (“Artist”) classed as acoustic singer/songwriters.  Other artists may register now but will not be submitted until future relevant programmes are announced.

For each round, at least one Artist will be chosen for the ADP by a panel of industry experts.  The choice of artist is subject to creative opinion and therefore not based solely on statistical or binary information.  As the decision is subjective, the Artist acknowledges that the opinions of TRS and the panel may not align with that of the Artist and therefore TRS is not obliged to provide feedback on any unsuccessful application.  Panel decisions are final with no right of appeal.

The Artist acknowledges that TRS does not guarantee any level of success following the completion of the ADP, and that any success will be the responsibility of the Artist who may exploit the assets provided by TRS during the ADP to their fullest.  TRS will provide assistance and advice throughout the programme to ensure the Artist is given the best chance of success.

All costs associated with the creation of the assets included in the ADP will be at the expense of TRS, limited to a pre-determined budget, which shall be disclosed only to successful Artists upon request.  These include but are not limited to recording, video production, social media marketing and career advice.  The Artist shall be responsible for any other costs, including but not limited to, distribution, physical copies of the recording i.e. CD, cassette or Vinyl, additional video production requirements such as location or actor fees not already included in the original budget and additional marketing spend.

The Artist shall be responsible for releasing any audio or video recordings, including all specific costs associated with the releases, other than those already specifically provided by TRS.  TRS will assist with this process but is not accountable for any delays, errors or issues associated with the release of any assets as part of the ADP.

A full cost breakdown will be available to any Artist selected for the ADP upon request.  Other TRS Policies may also apply.  If you have any questions about the Terms & Conditions of the ADP, please email info@therecordingstudio.london.