A professional EPK is crucial for artists to grow their career.  Here’s a quick guide to creating your own EPK:

What is an EPK?

EPK stands for ‘Electronic Press Kit’ and it is a CV-like document used to promote an artist and their music. EPKs are a professional way for artists to quickly summarise their accomplishments and grab the attention of anyone who can help to promote their career.

What software do I need?

For the very best results, you should use a dedicated software programme such as Affinity Publisher or Adobe InDesign.

These require a basic to intermediate level of graphic design skills, so you’ll need to first learn how to use these types of programs, or perhaps enlist a skilled friend or family member who can help you out.

Whatever software you decide to use, ensure that the final file is a clickable, interactive PDF.



Use a large, engaging and professional photo of either a portrait studio shot or a live shot.  You don’t need multiple photos, just use your best photo that showcases you in the best way.


Do you need a photoshoot?  Visit our Photography page for more info.

#2 Write a short bio

Your bio is a short and punchy summary of who you are – your ‘elevator pitch’.  Two or three paragraphs is ideal.  Here are some tips for writing your bio:

  • Always write in the 3rd person i.e. ‘The Foo Fighters are a rock band’…not ‘We are a rock band’.
  • Avoid talking about how you’ve been playing music since you were 3 years old or how you all met at school.  These are just facts, not something interesting or unique about you as an artist.
  • Use simple language that gets right to the point.  This is an ad about you – so sell yourself!

#3 music

Include a direct link to your Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer profile.

Whilst it’s possible to use other platforms such as SoundCloud, aside from the fact that the audio quality not to the same standard as your original mastered audio, these platforms are seen as less professional because the music has generally been uploaded directly by the user, not via a distributor such as Tunecore, Ditto, Distrokid etc.

Avoid including a private link to unreleased music, unless this will be your first release.  Be mindful that although the link is private, anyone you send it to could post it publicly – either on purpose or accidentally.

#4 music videos

If you have music video content, include a maximum of 1 music video and/or 1 live video – this provides visual clues who you are as an artist and your image, as well as how amazing you are live!

Hyperlink a screenshot rather than a hyperlink as text.  This will be visually more engaging.


Avoid adding in any tour/gig dates to your EPK.  If you do this, you’ll need to continually update it when you send it out, as you’ll have out of date information.

A better option is to just describe the gigs you’ve already done.  For example, have you sold out any gigs, played any festivals, supported any well known artists?  All of this helps build up your credibility.

Alternatively, add a link to the tour dates on your website, Bands In Town, Songkick etc

#6 Statistics

If you have decent streaming numbers, video views, likes, followers etc, make sure to mention this.  Showing that you have a large and active fanbase shows that people already like what you do.

Conversely if you don’t have decent numbers, there’s no point in shouting about your ‘3 monthly listeners’ so just leave this part out until you do.

#7 Reviews / Quotes

Have you received any reviews from blogs or magazines?  Do you know someone famous who would be willing to provide a quote that you could use?

Having independent, well-respected people in the industry say how awesome you are, goes a long way.  It’s not imperative that you have this, but it’s definitely something to work towards.

#8 Contact details

Include all of your details including:

  • Website
  • Social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, YouTube, Spotify)
  • Email address
  • Phone number (optional)

#9 Hyperlinks

The most important section, hyperlinks!  How can a promoter listen to any of your music, or see any of your music videos if they haven’t got a link to it?

Make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for with just 1 click.  Any more navigation than that and they may begin to lose interest.

Once you’ve put all that together, you can start sending out your EPK to promoters, managers and labels.

A great source of contacts is The Unsigned Guide – check it out!

can we help?

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