Let’s dive into a short and practical guide to keep your music on track during this festive period.

1. Add Some Jingle To Your Tracks

Get into the holiday spirit by adding a touch of festivity to your music. A simple seasonal track or a cozy cover can catch the ears of folks in a holiday mood.

2. Chat With Your Fans

Hop onto your social media and chat with your fans. Share a bit about your own holiday traditions, ask about theirs, and create a comfy space where everyone feels like friends.

3. Look Back At Your Year

Take a moment to think about your musical journey this year. Share a few highlights, maybe a few struggles. Your fans will appreciate the realness as we wind down the year.

4. Virtual Show / Stream

Plan a laid-back online gig—it doesn’t have to be fancy. Just you, your music, and a chance to connect with your fans.

5. Collaborate With Fellow Musicians

Connect with other indie artists for a collab on a holiday project. A joint release, a virtual jam session, or even just a shoutout can help you reach new listeners.

6. Social Media Updates

Stick to your social media routine. Share daily bits, give a peek into your holiday vibes, and encourage your fans to share their own stories.

7. Share Your Go-To Holiday Playlist

Share a simple playlist of your favorite holiday tunes. It’s an easy way to bond with your fans over music and let them in on your festive vibes.

8. Plan For The Next Year

Take a breather during the holidays to plan for the coming year. Set a few goals, think about your releases, and get your fans excited about what’s coming up.


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