Are you the next Stormzy, Jay-Z or Tupac?  Need to start taking your music to the next level?

Great news – The Recording Studio London is here to help!

Beat Package
If you’re looking for an awesome custom beat that you can call your own, our team of passionate producers have a wealth of experience creating beats in all genres including Hip-Hop, Grime, R&B and Afrobeat.

Your dedicated producer will work closely with you to define the sound palette, style and feel of the beat before you lay down your vocals. At the end of the session, you’ll walk away with a finished master recording ready for release.

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Vocal Tracking
If you already have your own beat and you’re looking for a professional studio to track vocals, our Studio 2 is a purpose built vocal tracking, editing and mixing studio which is perfect to finish off your tracks.

You’ll work closely with one of our experienced producers who will guide you through the recording process to ensure you lay down that killer vocal performance.

As a guide, we recommend 2 hours per song which includes vocal tracking, editing and standard mix + master.

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